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About Albany

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History of Albany Quarry

My Name is Wallace Carter and my first visit to Clinton County was in 2004 when I moved to Kentucky after serving 16 years in the US Army in the Medical Field. Few realized that when I visited Albany for the first time with friends that had grown up in Albany that my visit would change my life and lead to business ventures that would change the face of Albany with job creation and commercial development. At that time I also visited “the mountain” a property just north of Albany. It took an additional 5 years to purchase the property and start Albany Quarry.

In May 2010, three individuals purchased the 400 + acre tract of land known as Huddleston Mountain with the intent to develop a limestone quarry. We knew from core drilling that the mountain contained unique limestone deposits. We also knew that with no infrastructure, local competition and environmental concerns, the challenge and cost to develop a new quarry would be difficult. We were up for the challenge! We hired great employees, developed our vision and started building infrastructure with our portable crusher, screen and old equipment. Our goal was to develop a limestone quarry with loyal customers, while providing a better product, at a better price with great service.

Our solution, turn novice mine owners into season mine owners by working harder and longer and being more determined. It worked! Five years after starting Albany Quarry, we are no longer “novice miners”. We now have a state of the art stationary processing plant, complete infrastructure and a loyal customer base and great employees who are second to none. With the expansion of services, addition of sales and marketing team, we are just getting started. Our customers can be sure that we will continue to provide a great product at a great price with great service while providing great jobs to the local economy. Why? Because we still believe that life gets no better than living in rural Kentucky, operating heavy equipment while supporting the community and customers that make a small business possible.

Thank you, our customers and friends, for your encouragement, your support and your business.  Just watch, as we continue to grow and offer a great product, great price, and great service, and remember our motto:  " Better Stone Equals Better Results "

Randy Carter and Jan Carter, owners

Albany Quarry

292 Maple Mountain Road

Albany,Ky 42602


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