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At Albany Quarry we work hard to create Products that meet your every need.  Whether it's a driveway, foundation or a major construction project we can provide you with the Highest quality stone and gravel products.  Call our sales team for an evaluation of your project and a free estimate. Our services include, Crushed Stone of all sizes delivered to your site , Free estimates on any size project and custom stone sizing and mixture.  

We provide our customers with a very high grade of Aggregate Rock.


Whether serving as the base stone for a building project, assisting erosion control in waterways, the construction of a roadway or driveway, crushed stone is the most crucial and versatile materials in construction projects. There are many other applications such as water filtration and mineral production for consumer product.  We provide a very high grade of Calcium Carbonate that is being used in many industries like Fuel Gas, Food Additives, Animal Feed Paints and Plastics, Paper Production, Pharmaceutical Grade,and Glass Production.

All our Aggregate Rock Meets Ky State Specs

Stone Samples

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Class "I" Sand





DGA / 610's / Crusher Run


Crush Stone Base



Shot Rock

Various Size Boulders

High Wall

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